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02 March 2007 @ 08:45 am
Los Devil Boys - 1.2  

Small one this time because a) I'm giving you fodder while I work on the first installment of RCV 22:20, which is the 'Shadow' version of the twins (more on that in their actual update), and b) I haven't even touched the Sims in a while. >> I blame...Um...Stuff. Namely paranormal25 and shit. Yeah. << >> << DON'T YOU JUDGE ME.

Anyway, these are actually a bunch of outtakes I never stuck in because the rampant amount of GHEY here is astonishing.

I hate the coloring on the caps, but I'm way too lazy to redo them. So you'll just have to be blinded.

And here we have Vergil proving a) he fails at life completely, and b) he really is still caught in the 70s. As if the auro o' disco king he has about him just wasn't enough.
He thinks he's devious, but we all know what's on his mind. Vergil, NO HUMPING DANTE STOP IT. I MEAN IT. Time out chair for YOU, young man.
Poor Dante. So simple. So retarded. So oblivous to the fact that his brother wants to shag him into unconsciousness.
Greatest screenshot in existance Y/Y?
Vergil. Sweetie. Sugarpie. Bubblebuns. You are the LAST person that needs to talk about that concerning anybody EVER, Mr. I wanna get in my brother's pants. PLZTHX.
Dante tries to be devious. He does. The thing is, him being so is more effective, because nothing changes the fact that Vergil fails at life.
You see, Vergil? Slapping Dante around is NOT the way to get him to take it all off. It just pisses him off and makes him leave bodily fluids in your haircare products. You just THOUGHT that was gel. :)
"...Your stupidity physically hurts me."
"Yuh-huh, my boot up your ass is gonna hurt even more, assopine-deluxe."
Proof they're twins right here, ladies and...Well, I think we're all ladies here. ANYWAY. I don't think anything's going to top this. Ever. And look. I refrained from making a joke about Vergil wanting to top Dant- Damn.
Yeah. The knowledge that Dante knows how to read kind of shocked me, too, to be honest.
You know, with the way the neighborhood is probably talking about them, they are the LAST two people ever that need to gossip.
"No, Dante, I'm not giving you money. You still owe me $80 from the last time 'business was shitty'."
"Like what."
"Anything. D:"

Sorry, Dent. You screwed yourself there, buddy.
This is what they do. They sit and ignore one another and talk to the tv. Something tells me this isn't HEALTHY, by ANY means.
T'chaw, he looks so sweet and innocent here. It's so deceptive.
The day Dante figures out Vergil's trying to jump his bones.
He's so squinty and grumpy looking, all of the time. :( Oh, Vergil, smile. Your face won't crack off, I promise. Well, it might, and Dante has his fingers crossed for that, but you'll NEVER KNOW unless you TRY.
Presenting Dante's :B face.
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warhorse on March 2nd, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC)

You should!