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23 March 2007 @ 04:03 am
Edenwood - 1.0  

Strange things invariably happen when I toss my sim at any others. In this case, it's Dante and Vergil. :[ Fourth wall? What fourth wall? We don't need no fucking fourth wall.

Ayeah, it goes about as well as I thought it would. BUT I TAKE COMFORT IN THE FACT Vergil didn't hit on her. :[ That happens against my will when I throw my sim in. Thus, why after this sim gets boring, there will never be another Amanda!Sim. Ever. Again.

And it starts off like any other time we've witnessed Dante and Vergil in action. Yes, Dante, we're all QUITE AWARE you're in love with yourself, thank you.
And Vergil, of course, and as always, yells at the tv. Look. If you don't think Vergil's absolutely batshit? There is something wrong with you. There is NO WAY that man is sane. None. He was YELLING AT GOLF. GOLF, PEOPLE.
Rock, Paper, Scissors is, apparently, serious business.
Serious. Business.
I always worry, when they start shit like that. It means something bad is going to happen, if they ever GET ALONG.
See what I mean? Plotting. Those two shouldn't be allowed in the same room, as far as I'M concerned, when they're both in a good mood. It never ends well.
Amanda!Sim. Run away. Run before they answer the door. There's still time to save yourself.
Told you. Oh well. Your funeral, babe.
Straight from VE:
Vergil: I like planes. I really like planes. Planes are wonderful.
Dante: A+++++ to Verg TALKING TO HIMSELF.
"Well, why don't you use your little crystal ball and find out when the next one crashing into a federal building is LEAVING, so you can BE ON IT?"
"Orly. How about I use your head as a hood ornament on the car I'll use to get to the airport?"
"...The lunacy is strong in that one."
"Ayeah, don't remind me."
"Maybe I should have him committed?"
"What was that, Dante? Projecting again, are we, wibbler?"
"Oh Jesus, get me out of here. ;~;"
"He's going to eat you in your sleep."
"I'm already paranoid enough, thanks."
Well, you can't say she didn't WARN him. I'm just hoping she'll survive her visit without having to stab either one of them in the face.
Don't be fooled. They're not having a civil conversation. Vergil was going on about...Well, we don't really know, because no one was paying attention, but it ended with something like, "Yeah, yeah, wear my liver as a hat, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum."
You'd think Vergil would be used to that kind of thing by now. It's not like anyone ever REALLY listens. I know I wouldn't.
"So, babe, you know-"
"I would rather have rusty eating utensils shoved up my hoo-ha, thanks."
I was going to say quite a bit here. I don't think I need to.
"Lemme think about it a min- No."
It's never comforting when you realize Dante's dreaming about you. :[
"Thank you! I can now die happy knowing you are absolute bugfuck insane. Die in a fire."
And while they're distracted, Amanda!Sim goes to quietly bash her head into the wall until she goes unconscious. Which may or may not be the dumbest idea ever.
But Vergil, what are your thoughts on yaoi?
Those are MY thoughts on yaoi. As well as giant squid, aliens, and the state of global warning. Somehow, it always ends up being Vergil's fault.
Returning home, Amanda!Sim really has to wonder just what crack she'd been smoking, thinking visiting Dante and Vergil was a REMOTELY good idea. I'm not sure, but it must have been high quality, for that kind of delusion.
OT: I really like that shirt, and I have jeans like those around here somewhere.
"They know where I live, don't they? OSHI-"
Visitors! But who's that skulking in the bushes? :O


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