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02 March 2007 @ 01:31 pm
RCV 22:20 - 1.0  

These guys, I'm afraid, are going to need a bit of an introduction. So.

These two started out, unbelievably enough, as a set of the twins, sixteen years old, at a small high school game called Bacchus High, well over a year ago. So they've been around a while. For the most part, they were pretty normal. Sure, Dante was a bit of a manslut, and would screw anything female that offered, and Vergil was a mean little bastard, but they were cute together.

Later on, exorcism complained about some shady Vergil character lurking around in her head that she'd mistaken for another of her Vergils. Thus, the 'shadow' moniker was born. Sure enough, it didn't take long before his counterpart showed up with yours truly, and they were aptly called the Shadow twins. Time rolled on, and it became more than apparent that they were, in fact, the adult versions of the boys from Bacchus High, with one exception: They'd lost their damn minds, apparently, because as mean and horrible as they'd been in BH, they were even worse as adults, doing things like committing organ theft.

Anyway. They ended up going into a game called Tides Of Fate, where they unknowingly came under the power of a demonic dutchess who had been in charge of pretty much torturing their father in Hell for the last ten or so years. And that's when it started. What, exactly? Well. It all started as an "I'm bored, and I bet I can outdo you" playfight, thanks to Za'dar, the dutchess. And, um, well. AHEH. This would be why, to date, they are the twincesty pair. The only twincesty pair we have, out of the many, many we possess. We figured it would all be over and done with when they were in their right minds again.

Um. We were kind of wrong on that.

To date, they're still going at it. They've had their ups, their downs, and everything in between. They're also unlike any other set we've had, for other reasons, too. Firstly, Dante is much, much stronger than Vergil, from what I can gather. He does, in fact, possess a devil trigger already, and he does use it. He's far more intune with his demonic side. He's under suspicion for killing the other TOF!Dante, even if I know he didn't do it. The other TOF!Dante, however is alive, if not exactly WELL, so it really doesn't matter, anyway. Vergil is...This Vergil, while still a VERGIL, is actually...Very sweet with his brother, when they're not trying to bang one another. Unfortunately, however, rarely can we get them in a scene with one another that this isn't attempted. Kind of like now, as I type this.

Vergil's weaker in body, Dante's weaker in mind. You can almost say as far as strengths and weaknesses go, they've swapped roles. Dante? Completely obsessed with Vergil. So much so that it hinders everything else he does. He stalks Vergil, seriously. Vergil? I want to squish that Vergil up and cuddle him he's so cute sometimes. And that is so weird.

So. Dante's really the worse of the two. But a whiny brat with Vergil. And I do mean BRAT. He clings, he crawls on...I remember in one log, Vergil had come to stay with Dante for a tic in his shop, and got there before Dante returned, right? And when Dante went upstairs and found him asleep in his (Dante's) bed, he dropped his jacket and took a flying leap on top of him...And then just made himself at home. It was cute. :{ Emotionally? Vergil's such a girl. In other matters? WELL. Poor Dante, you just LEND yourself to being the bitch, babydoll.

This, really, is for exorcism, and was going to be her V-Day present, but I didn't get it finished on time, alas. But at least it's done now? Or something? Yes.

Vergil NeSmith, better known as Shadow Vergil. Pansy in emotional matters, rules the Starscape Casino with an iron fist...Makes Dante his bitch during sex.
Dante T. Redgrave, otherwise known as just Shadow Dante. Demon hunter by trade, alcoholic at any given time...Totally lets Vergil top so he doesn't hurt him. Trufax. Complete sociopath with anyone not Vergil.
But with Vergil he's very, very cute.
They're, uh, extremely affectionate with one another. Of course, typically when this starts, it means the clothes are about to come off.
But don't let Dante fool you. He whines, bitches, and complains like every other Dante in existance. Probably more so, because his Vergil indulges that shit. He's been spoiled rotten, and he loves every minute of it. Well. As long as Vergil's paying attention to him.
More Shadow cuteness. Sadly, around one another they're really this clingy. In public, in private, it doesn't matter. One time, in Dairy Queen, Dante climbed Vergil like a monkey.
They got some visitors; two of the Curious brothers, and Nervous Subject. Vergil went to greet them...
And Dante stood back and stared them down. I know my Dante, and I know he was thinking if they made one wrong move at Vergil, they were dead. He's, uh, a bit overprotective of his big brother.
I love how, even when they have visitors, they completely ignore them to talk to one another.
Then again, they pretty much do that with everyone. They're in their own little world, most of the time. And yes, Vergil, Dante is coming on to you.
However, things go downhill very quickly, when Nervous decides to pick on Vergil. Vidcund didn't help his case by letting it happen.
And then Nervous had to go and throw a waterballoon at Vergil. AHEH.
Dante goes after Vidcund first. After all, the bastard had stood there and let it happen. Please Dante this did not.
Dante gives you one warning. And that's it.
How Vidcund didn't realize this motherfucker was batshit, I'll never know. But, unfortunately...
Things escalated. At least Vergil showed a little backbone.
Dante, meanwhile, was getting fed up with Vidcund's shit. And trust me, pissing that Dante off is not the smartest of ideas. Sociopath, remember?
Ohoh! Look who just got bitchslapped.
Nervous is rather dumb. Because he keeps picking on Vergil, and, as you can see, Dante sees this.
And then Dante commences to whipping the shit out of Vidcund all over the house. This happened no less than three times, I kid you not. Dante would jump him, they'd fight, and Dante would kick his ass.
Nervous figures out Dante is srs biznez and hauls ass out of there. However, the twins, showing a united front, gang up on Vidcund.
And then kill him. Probably got Dante all hot and horny, too. e.e
The whole time Vidcund fried, Dante stood there and laughed. Vergil, obviously, was still pissed off.
And when the Grim Reaper shows up, it's curtains, man.
You'll never know just how batshit insane your brother is, Vergil.
And before traipsing off to bed together, we get the pre-coital makeout session. e.e
Vergil is a GOOD BIG BROTHER. See? He spoils Dante rotten.
And then makes sure that Dante didn't eat the cat.
That's a sore spot with Dante. Supposedly when he was small, he did, in fact, eat the family cat. But he's lost a lot of his memory, and can't remember it. So every time someone brings up him eating a cat, he gets pouty. He loves his cat. He named her Thanatos.
The only thing that bugs me is that this Dante, while built for what he does, is very thin, and I couldn't make him that way. :/ Everyone tells him how skinny and bony he is.
HEE, twins. They rarely pick anything in rock, paper, scissors that isn't the same.
Crazy or not, though, he's still pretty.
And adorable when he's in a good mood.
Vergil, while so very cute, is, uh, not the smoothest thing in existance.
No one other than VE will ever know how funny the two of them talking about handcuffs really, really is.

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Salavin: PIMPIN'salavin on March 2nd, 2007 07:16 pm (UTC)
shadow Dante bitchslapping, OMG there shoukd be a show all of its own right there XD ♥♥♥
I seriously need to upgrade my computer, I wanna have the twins run riot
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Alex: VURGEL PLZ ;Dblind_mag on March 3rd, 2007 03:15 am (UTC)

These make me way too happy XD; ♥!